The Boys

The Boys is a prime-time comedy series and was one of the biggest French TV franchises in Canada.
Every Monday night, these part-time gladiators, middle-aged sportsmen, pull on, with pride and some difficulty, a jersey emblazoned with their amateur team crest: The Boys. During the day, they work as surgeons, real estate agents, police officers… but on Monday nights, they become the sports legends they’ve always dreamed to be.
This comedy centers on the friendship of a group of people, from different walks of life, who decide to face life challenges together, on and off the sports field!

Program info


Comedy - Fiction



Original Timeslot

Prime Time


Series Format


Production Years

2006 - 2012


Louis Saia


Rémy Girard | Marc Messier | Pierre Lebeau | Paul Houde | Luc Guérin | Patrick Labbé | Michel Charrette | Yvan Ponton | Roc Lafortune | Réal Béland | Patrice Robitaille | François Papineau | Antoine Bertrand

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