About ComediHa! Distribution

ComediHa! is a leading provider of comedy content, tickling the funny bone of live performance, broadcast and streaming audiences around the world.

With close to 20 years of experience, ComediHa! is a flourishing leader in the field of entertainment and cultural events. Through the excellence of its comedy content, ComediHa! thrives in its mission to bring laughter to the world.

The company specializes in ready to air and format comedy content across genres such as sketch-comedy, dramedy, scripted and factual. ComediHa! is proud to be the creators of the multi award-winning, non-verbal sketch-comedy series LOL:) ComediHa! which has hit the global market airing in 148 countries to date.

With numerous TV projects under its belt, the company is primed to push the entertainment envelope and deliver a full array of premium-quality content to eagerly awaiting audiences worldwide. ComediHa! wants people to “see the funny side of life”.